Monday, March 28, 2016

April is full of awesome events!

April is full of special events that everyone should know about and help to celebrate:

World Autism Awareness Day is on April 2 every year. If you're at a school, you may be celebrating early on 4/1, so make sure to wear blue to "light it up blue" to celebrate. If you post something to Twitter, make sure to  use #LIUB. You can find more information about Autism and this special event, visit:

National Library Week
This is a special celebration of different types of libraries - public, academic, and K-12 school libraries. Librarians are always working hard to help you with research or finding the perfect book. Please take some time to say thank you this week. You can also visit one of these websites for more information:


School Library Month
April 10-16 celebrates all libraries, but the whole month of April is dedicated to celebrating school libraries. School librarians - also known as media specialists and teacher-librarians not only support students by providing recreational reading materials, but they teach them technology skills too! They support classroom teachers by providing curriculum related materials, co-teach with them, and even provide professional development. Not only that, but they are ready to help parents find just the right book for their child and can answer almost anything about any K-12 book ever written. If we don't remember it, we know how to find out the answer for you. Make sure to take a moment to thank your child's school librarian for all their hard work and dedication.  You can also visit for more information.

Wimpy Kid Month
A lot of parents and teachers aren't the biggest fans of this series by Jeff Kinney, but kids love this series (and so do I), but these books are often a hook to get kids reading. Kinney will reveal the cover of the next book during his webcast on April 28 at 1:00 pm on his website at You'll need to register to view the webcast and you'll also be able to view an archived copy after the 28th.

Poetry Month
Whenever I introduce poetry to students, most of them moan in distress. Then I tell them that songs are poetry with music. Then their eyes light up and they start humming a favorite song and realize that those songs do have a lot of rhyme and rhythm. Yes, I do know that all poems don't rhyme, and I share multiple types with my students and give them plenty of opportunities to share their own poetry that we display in the media center at our elementary school. This year we're going to try "Poem in your Pocket" day on April 21st where you basically carry a poem in your pocket that day. Maybe even share it with someone and introduce them to a favorite poem of yours or one that you'd just discovered. If you'd like to create lessons or try this at home with your friends, here are some helpful resources:

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