Monday, May 1, 2017

A-MAY-Zing Activities in the Media Center

We may be nearing the end of the school year, but we're still keeping busy in the media center! We're celebrating several special national events this month and kicking off a special new program in the media center - an ongoing book swap called Book Swap @ The Mill: Take a book. Leave a book.

Book Swap @ The Mill will allow students to donate new or gently used books and take a book they are interested in reading. After reading the book, they can keep it or bring it back for another student to read. They can also leave books for other students to read. Students can visit the Book Swap @ The Mill as often as they like, but we do ask that you only take one book at a time. We want to give all students an opportunity to benefit from this program. You're always welcome to donate more than one book at a time to help other students who may not have books of their own to donate.

The Book Swap @ The Mill program that will help us celebrate Children's Book Week (May 1-7) and help kickoff the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge and the Cobb County Public Library Summer Reading program. We'll keep the Book Swap @ The Mill open during the entire school year, so if you have a book you enjoyed but don't want to keep - swap it!

Below is a list of all the a-may-zing events we're sponsoring this month:

Children's Book Week: May 1 - 7. Learn more about this important celebration that began in  1919 at

Free Comic Book Day: May 6. Locate a comic book store near you at to get your free comic book on Saturday, May 6 and visit the media center on Friday, May 5 for free comic strip pages for you to create your own comics. By the way, in the library, comics are called graphic novels (think BabyMouse & Lunch Lady books) and we've created a special section of these books. We're in the process of ordering more graphic novels for next school year.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge Kickoff: May 8. Program runs through September 8. More information will be sent home soon.

Cobb County Public Library Summer Reading Program Kickoff: May 15. Program runs through July 29. We have bookmarks that we're giving away in the library with details but you can learn more at

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