Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Power of Yet!

Have you heard about the power of yet? It's part of Growth Mindset and something we're focusing on in the media center this year. An easy way to think of growth mindset is to consider if you think that your brain has learned as much as it can at this point in your life (fixed mindset) OR if you can continue at any age to learn and grow to become the best "you" that you can possibly be (growth mindset). We think the library is a great place to focus on growing and learning since we have books and technology resources that help students learn "school" things and also "fun" things.

Helping students to grasp the concept of growth mindset and begin to integrate it into their daily lives supports our makerspace and the STEM/STEAM lessons that we are incorporating in the library and throughout the school. It's also a great way to help students realize that learning is a part of life and just because they can't do something now doesn't mean they won't ever be able to do it. It just means they can't do it YET. This is a powerful message for children and adults and we're excited to share this with our students.

Students in grades 2-5 used index cards to list two things they can't do YET and one thing they can do well after we had a class discussion about growth mindset. Students in grades K-1 were read the book, Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae to help them understand that you can change the way you think (from fixed to growth) and it all begins with remembering the word YET. The K-1 students then shared one thing that they couldn't do yet and it was written on a large poster for each homeroom.

The index cards and posters are on display in the media center and when students achieve their "can't" item and change it to a "now I can" item, they will be able to sign the wall of fame in the library and have the option of going on the news show to announce to the school that they've joined the "Now I Can" club.

We hope that you'll support your child in this endeavor and maybe even challenge yourself to come up with your own "I can't yet" and make plans to reach that goal - maybe even enlist the help of your child if it's feasible. It's incredibly encouraging and inspiring for children to see that adults still can learn and should keep learning to continue growing as individuals.



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