Wednesday, January 30, 2019

5th Grade Fraction Review Movies

Do you know how you feel like you're always telling the teachers that you can help them and they get excited, but don't do anything? Well, don't give up! This lesson came from me talking to a 5th grade teacher when she brought her students in just for a book checkout.

I asked what she was working on and she seemed a little stressed - they had been working on fractions and weren't doing as well as she'd like them to be. I asked if I could do anything. She seems surprised that I would offer to help with math. I imagine she was thinking, but you're supposed to do reading? 

After convincing her that I could  indeed help with math, we talked through some ideas and settled on making fraction review movies. She would provide review problems for them. Students would work with a partner to compute the solution and then I would assist with the movie making process. Here's how it looked: 

The day after recording, the teacher brought the students back into the library so we could all watch the videos together. Afterwards, I uploaded copies of the videos to a shared folder in Microsoft One Drive so that the teacher could have students review the videos again. The teacher later told me that she shared the fraction review videos with the other fifth grade teachers to help their students study.  Yay! 

What other ways do you think the library can support students learning fractions? Share some ideas!

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