Monday, May 20, 2019


May is Caught Reading Month (and a whole lot of other things) but with school coming to an end on the 22nd, I wanted to keep students focused on reading. It was also another way to keep the topic of reading fresh in everyone's mind with my summer reading promotions starting.

The concept was simple - share a photo of a student or teacher who was  "caught reading." Photos could be submitted by anyone - teachers, students, parents - and then I'd display them in the hall.

In all, there were 19 photos submitted, which isn't too bad considering the time of year. I initially asked for photos to be submitted to me already printed  - meaning don't email them to me and have me use  all my color ink to print them. However, only one photo was actually printed and the others came via email.  I gave in and took what was offered. Sometimes we have to do that. :)

I printed the photos and mounted them on a piece of black construction paper so they'd stand out a little better against the putty colored school walls.

Have you ever ran a "caught reading" promotion? Please share and inspire someone today!

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